We’ll help you hire management or staff with:

– consultation call(s) to help determine what role needs to be filled – and possibly what it should become long term.

– written job description

– process for posting to appropriate candidates and receiving applications (we also provide you with the ability to market via the same channel to your database/sphere/Facebook/etc.)

– process for quick elimination of irrelevant applications

– we will bring you 6-8 applications worth discussion with us and obtain additional information from these as needed

– we will conduct initial calls to determine who is worth you meeting in person

– we will provide interview questions for your in-person interviews and general advice on interviewing candidates

– we will advise on which to consider seriously and how to choose the best

– we provide template documents for engagement/hiring*

*your responsibility to ensure state/federal/tax compliance based on laws and licensure requirements

Total cost is $3500

$1750 payable at engagement, balance due at 30-day mark or completion (whichever is sooner)
Process is typically 30-45 days from engagement

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Lee has a unique understanding of how fast-growing real estate teams function as well as their growing and hiring pains. I was able to count on Lee to guide me through a crucial hire so I could continue to run my business and my team. He provided in-depth analysis of each candidate and took much of the preliminary legwork off my plate. Lee is approachable, genuine, and a people person. Every candidate that I met with thoroughly enjoyed their conversations with him. I felt that each candidate on the short list was well-screened prior to my introduction. I’m confident that Lee was the best person to guide me through this process. He kept me on track, and was awesome with his follow up. I most highly endorse Lee’s qualifications to help real estate teams with their operational challenges and hires.
Ellie Kowalchik
Move2Loveland team
My sister, Jane, and I were a small team in the process of starting our own boutique brokerage. We weren’t quite sure how to get to the next step but we knew it started with the right hire and we knew if we continued down the path we were going, we were either going to stay flat or grow minimally. We were referred to Amplified Solutions to help with the hiring process and job description and to help us figure out what position we needed in order to double our business and really take it to the next level.

Lee and his team helped us to expand our thinking and get out of our “comfort zone” in order to start thinking like a real business. As a result, they screened candidates, narrowed down our search, helped provide interview questions as well as talk through our thoughts on our favorites. As a result, we made a great hire and it was someone we probably would have never given a chance based on our limited experience. We can’t thank Lee and his team enough for helping us to “get out of our own way”. We would highly recommend them if you either do not know how to get to the next level or just don’t have the time. Let the experts at Amplified Solutions do what they do best so you can continue focusing on what you do best.
Kim Brogli
Jane & Kim boutique brokerage
“Lee and his team were paramount in the success of our recent hire!

They were thorough in their analysis of what our business needed and provided us with the guidance and support we were looking for to help us feel confident in our search. They got to work right away integrating helpful hiring technology and assisted us as we sorted through the many applications we received. Once we started interviewing applicants Lee and his team even provided sample interview questions for us to use.

Hands down, without a doubt, I would recommend Lee and his team to anyone I know looking to grow their team and business!”
Erica Lee
Love Live DC
“Lee & his team are exceptional at helping companies implement the strategies and systems required to grow from a happy accident to a business on a mission”

Seth Price
VP of Industry Relations at Placester
“Lee and his team have the unique ability to help people establish processes and systems around the key areas that will have the biggest and most meaningful impact. If you’re looking for a team to say – do this now AND here are the exact steps to follow, Lee & Co are a perfect fit.”

Jimmy Mackin
Co-founder at Curaytor
“After working with Amplified Solutions, I can confidently say that my business has been impacted in ways I did not imagine. From the very beginning stages, I felt challenged, listened to and supported by Lee and his team. Not only did I walk away with a much clearer view of myself inside of my business, but also gained valuable insight into the type of real estate company I want to grow into. I was given solid tools to become the best I can be, as well as the forward plan to launch the new ideas into play immediately. “
Naomi Hattaway
Owner at 8th and Home
“Lee truly knows how to help a real estate team grow. His work speaks for itself. Anyone who has a chance to have Lee help them get organized (and in doing so thrive) should take it.”

Chris Smith
Co-founder at Curaytor
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